G & SP Consultants, LLC. formerly SAP Professional Business Coaching and Training was started in January 2013 by entrepreneur Dr. Shannon Alexander-Phifer.  Shannon brings forward over twenty years of experience in the strategic and tactical leadership and consulting of clients, customer service, accounting, human resource management, information technology, and business operations management. Shannon has an extensive professional business portfolio which includes demonstrated results in leading large and small teams that reflect her skills in building and maintaining collaborative work environments.  The work environments that Shannon lead consistently create value-added solutions and services for internal and external customers.   Dr. Phifer is a motivational, lead-by-example change agent with combined participative and authoritative leadership styles that enhance her position as an advocate of empowerment and accountability.  Shannon's collaborative leadership efforts ensure efficiencies in process, control, compliance, profitability, and shareholder value.

Dr. Shannon Alexander-Phifer, DBA





" from the CEO"


I believe that with my business knowledge, human resources experience, accounting experience, leadership experience, skills in customer satisfaction, quality assurance, training, development, planning (including implementation), coaching, consulting, and experience working with teams that consist of top-level executives to front line associates that share the same organizational value, I can lead others to demonstrate attributes that add value to their organization. During my career ventures, I have had the privilege of joining a start-up and existing high-performance teams.  My approach is practical and personable.  I earn respect by showing my business acumen, building rapport, demonstrating active listening and participation, and focusing on professional relationships with the people within the organization.