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Clients that I have the pleasure to consult with aides in solidifying the promised mission of G & SP Consultants, LLC. by "Transitioning Today's Prospects into Tomorrow's Definite." Each client is demonstrates ambition, continuous growth, and tenacity with an excellent understanding of their business goals and processes.

Featured Clients

Alwayz Paparazzi Ready, LLC                                                            Playhouse Children's Boutique

Amor Fashion Boutique, LLC                                                                Global DBAspire, LLC

M.A.T. Realty Management, LLC                                                         ESERTAL

WG Services, LLC                                                                                    The Cai's Boutique, LLC
K4 Professional Cleaning, LLC                                                              Styled By Ken, LLC


"My experience with Mrs. Shannon Alexander-Phifer has been a blessing. She has helped me on my journey  of success from my busness plan, to business license, to promoting, and publishing my website in a professional setting appropriate to my chosen market. She has also trained me how to professionally network an gain resources necessary for the continued growth of my business."

Micheala Walker/Owner/Amor Fashion Boutique LLC



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