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The planning process is critical to the individual/organization and G & SP Consultants, LLC. because it sets the precedent for the expectations of both G & SP Consultants, LLC.

 and the client.  The Planning Process is composed of four components.

 The initial consultation and assessment are complimentary.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation consists of:


  • Formal introduction via phone or in person.

  • One minute overview of services that G & SP Consultants, LLC. provide.



The assessment consists of:


  • Assessment of individual/organizational needs.

  • Recommendations for meeting individual/organizational needs.




 The proposal is a written agreement which outlines:


  • Project Scope

  • Project Details

  • Terms of Proposal

Statement of Services

The Statement of Services serves as the beginning of Services to be provided by G & SP Consultants, LLC. to the individual/organization.  The Statement of Services includes the following components:

  • Time and materials

  • Schedule of rates

  • Start-up procedures

  • Assumptions

  • Acceptance and Authorization



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