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Coaching, Consulting, Training, and Branding Services

Services provided by G & SP Consultants, LLC. serves as the formal beginning of a collaborative partnership.

Business Coaching


G & SP Consultants, LLC.'s leader(s) will provide the most innovative business coaching tailored specifically for each individual/organization identified in the planning process.

Leadership Training/Consulting


Leadership training provided by G & SP Consultants, LLC. will identify, analyze, and interpret the leadership abilities of individual(s) within an organization or small business.  The leadership training that G & SP Consultants, LLC. provide, aides in molding, enhancing, and helping the individual(s) demonstrate leadership abilities that will help in exceeding organizational expectancy outcomes.

Project Management Training/Consulting


G & SP Consultants, LLC. provides innovative project management training.  Individuals within an organization will be able to complete simple and complex projects demonstrating exemplary project management leadership abilities.

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